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Winter Wedding Hairstyle Inspiration 2016

When it comes to winter weddings we suggest that our brides go for an up-style or a quite structured hair style, the reason being? Well it's simple... the weather. The weather in Winter is so unpredictable, wind, rain, damp and on occasion snow. These elements can all make for some absolutely wonderful photography but can ultimately challenge your hairstyle. Here are some inspirational styles we love and recommend so the weather does not wreak havoc with your hair on your big day!
Low Bun Wedding Hair Messy Up-Style Wedding Hair
Structure Hair Up-style Wedding Low Bun Wedding Hair
The beauty of an up-style is that it remains perfect throughout the day as most are kept in shape with copious hairpins, holding and setting spray. All of these products prevent frizz and the hair style coming undone. It also means the bride can enjoy her day without checking herself repeatedly or having to sweep hair from her face and out of her make-up in the wind.
Structured Wedding Hair Style Low Roll Bun Wedding Hair
Plaited Hair Wedding  Large Bun Wedding Hair
Another thing to keep in mind is that many winter brides opt for a more dramatic or defined look with their make up, darker eyes and lips, this look paired with an up-style works perfectly and really gives a polished overall look. Talk to your hair stylist and suggest some looks you have discovered, best to try a couple out well in advance of the big day so that you're completely relaxed on the wedding morning !
Meredith Hair Drape Curled Up-style Wedding Hair
Red-Hair Wedding Up-style Curly Up-Style Wedding Hair

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