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Confused about Wedding Veil Styles ?

We have the low-down on the top most popular 9 veil styles.
Veils come in various styles and lengths, so to give our brides a heads-up we put together some beautiful photos of each style.
Firstly there is the Birdcage Veil Style, we adore this look, very elegant and vintage style and looks stunning in photographs. This veil is short and falls either just below your eyes or above your chin. Birdcage veils are generally made of french net or tulle. Adding tiny detailing such as pearls or diamante can also be added to give a more individual look. This veil can be styled up with a jewel embellished headband for comfort and stability. 
Wedding Veils Types & Sizes Wedding Veils Types & Sizes
The Shoulder Length Veil is for brides who feel they need a little more than a birdcage and prefer to wear it at the back. This is also a good choice if you would like the feel of a veil but want all the back detail of your dress to remain seen. Shoulder veils are usually 18 to 22 inches long.
Wedding Veils Types & Sizes Wedding Veils Types & Sizes
The Blusher Veil could be viewed as quite romantic with a hint of tradition. It is worn over the face and is lifted back by the groom at the ceremony. It measures from 20 inches and can go up to 60 inches.
Wedding Veil Styles Wedding Veil Styles
The Elbow Veil is sometimes paired with a blusher veil, it can extend to 25 inches and is sometimes multi-layered. This style accentuates the shape of an A-line style wedding dress as it ends where the skirt fabric expands. 
Wedding Veil Styles Wedding Veil Styles
The Fingertip Veil is usually 36 to 45 inches long and does as it says extending to the brides fingertips. Elegant and feminine.
Wedding Veil Styles Wedding Veil Styles
The Waltz Veil is also called the Ballet veil. Brides who choose a fitted dress with a train suit this type of veil, very stylish and falls between the knee and ankle, measuring 45 to 60 inches.
Wedding Veil Styles Wedding Veil Styles
The Chapel Veil is the veil we see regularly just touching the floor beyond the train of the dress, it extends from 70 to 90 inches.
Wedding Veil Styles Wedding Veil Styles
The Cathedral Veil is quite formal and is generally worn with a full gown. This style is seen mostly for dramatic or long entrances in cathedral weddings. It can measure from 108 inches to 144 inches long.
Wedding Veil Styles Wedding Veil Styles
The Regal Cathedral Veil is not for the faint hearted or for a light dress, this veil cascades down the aisle measuring from 130 inches and anything up to 180 inches, usually worn for very formal ceremonies.
Wedding Veil Styles  Wedding Veil Styles
Somethings you could consider when choosing your veil. Select a veil that does not compete with your dress, if it is a plain dress opt for an embellished veil and vice versa. Is your event formal or informal? Will you be wearing your veil for the day, if so consider the weight and how comfortable it is. If your wedding is outside, the length of your veil should be above ground level. Have a consultation with your hairdresser to find the perfect hairstyle for you and your veil style !
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