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Bridesmaids Styles & Gift Ideas 2017

Bridesmaids are such a big part of a brides big day, showing support and strength throughout the process from beginning to end...but oh what a time it is to be a bridesmaid ! Shoes, bags, jewellery, flowers, robes and not forgetting the dress. There are so many styles to choose from and we are in a time when pretty much anything goes, floral, pastel, monochrome and not to mention the trends emerging in 2017 that is a two piece skirt and top combo or patterned fabric. This is a great trend as it will lead the way for more individual bridesmaid styles.
Bridesmaids Dresses Bridesmaids Dresses
Bridesmaids Dresses Bridesmaids Dresses
When choosing bridesmaids dresses think of how their style will compliment or coordinate with your wedding dress, with this in mind when choosing accessories for your bridesmaids we would suggest personalised pieces which make for the perfect bridesmaids gift. Necklaces with the bridesmaids initial and gemstones to match the dress are hugely popular, a beautiful keepsake, personal and will definitely be worn again and again.
Bridesmaids Personalised Pendant Laurel Leaf Hair CLips
Bellagio Pearl Bracelet Beverly Pearl Earrings
When it comes to hair accessories metallic shimmering leaves, vines and floral elements will be hugely popular this year, last year fresh flowers and floral crowns abounded but  do keep in mind that your hair accessory will live on for many years unlike fresh flowers unfortunately.
Bridesmaids Robes Bridesmaids Gifts
Bridesmaids Shoes Bridesmaids Gifts
There are so many ways now to show gratitude to your bridesmaids, with gifts becoming more inventive, thoughtful and personal. We see so many different accessories such as bridesmaids goodie bags, personalised dress hangers, matching patterned robes, personalised wine bottles and glasses, makeup bags and lets not forget the mini emergency kits which are becoming a necessity. Oh those lucky bridesmaids!
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1 Bridesmaid dresses
2 Bridesmaid dresses gold
3. Bridesmaid floral dresses
4. Bridesmaids two piece navy tops
5.Bridesmaids personalised pendants
6. Gold mini Laurel clip
7. Delicate pearl Bellagio bracelet
8. Beverly vintage style earrings
9. Bridesmaids robes
10. Pinch mini emergency bags
11. Bridesmaid shoes
12.Bridesmaids bag

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