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Beautiful Blooms for a Summer Wedding

Flowers are such an integral part of any wedding, they add something special, an aroma, a subtle hue and can contribute greatly to the overall look and mood of day. The most important detail to remember about your floral arrangements is the length of time in advance of ordering. To ensure you can avail of your perfect flowers allow yourself plenty of time. Many factors should be taken into consideration when choosing the flowers for your special day, what's in season, the overall colour and style you would like to achieve along with the texture, size and very importantly the price !
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When it comes to flowers and your bouquet, there are so many options, we advise printing lots of pictures of the flowers you like, to include the wedding venue, bridal & bridesmaids bouquets.  When you know what you like the experience of choosing your final blooms will be much more pleasant and less stressful ! You won't see the finished full arrangement of flowers until your big day so it has to be right ! When it comes to seasonal flowers it means that they are easier to locate and in turn less expensive, with this being the case you can focus more on the size, texture and colour of the flower.
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Some other factors to consider are the colour and style of your bridesmaids dresses, you don't want to take away from the gowns - merely enhance them. It may be worth bringing a fabric swatch or picture of your chosen dresses. Size and weight of bouquets can greatly vary, so do remember that you will be carrying your fabulous flowers for the day.
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A lovely idea is to incorporate a flower that means something to you, sometimes a scent or colour is sentimental, this could personalise your bouquet. Once you decide on the style of your wedding, your choice of flowers will enhance your theme, elegant, bright, rustic or romantic. Also certain times of the year could inspire your choice, Christmas or Valentines day for example.
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