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Accessories to Adorn your Wedding Veil

Today we wanted to show you how to accessorise your wedding veil. We have chosen some hairstyles and headpieces to demonstrate various types of looks. 
Robyn Hair Comb Bride with Veil
Nessa Hair Comb Bride wearing Veil
Combs are a very definite and reliable way to accessorise your wedding veil, they can securely sit behind the comb of your veil, which is generally a standard size 3 inch width. The majority of the wedding hair combs are the same length. They can be worn to the side, across the top of the head and low down to the back or even placed coming from underneath the hairstyle.
Joy Hair Comb Bride wears veil
Rebecca Hair Comb Upstyle with veil
The beauty of having a wonderful hair accessory alongside your veil is that it gives a very finished & polished look. In addition, when the time arrives to take off the veil you are left with a beautiful headpiece to create interest through your hairstyle.
Beth Hair Comb Bride wearing Veil
Camomile Hair Drape Cathedral Veil
Whether your preference is a symmetrically shaped comb, an embellished clip or perhaps a draped pearl & crystal headpiece, always bear in mind to tie everything back to your dress and be sure it suits perfectly in advance of the wedding morning !
It is should be simple to find an accessory that compliments your veil and hairstyle, make a personal accessories appointment with us at Jules Bridal Jewellery and if possible bring your veil or a photo of it, one of our specialist team members will meet and discuss some options with you.
Happy accessory hunting !
Image credits:
1- Robyn Hair Comb
2- Bride Sitting Side Veil Image
3- Nessa Freshwater Pearl Floral Comb
4- Floral Edge Lace Veil
5- Joy Pearl & Crystal Encrusted Wedding Comb
6- Wedding Couple 
7- Rebecca Comb
8- Upstyle with Veil Close-up
9- Beth Comb
10- Back Detail Wedding Dress, Bride Sitting
11-Camomile Draping Headpiece
12- Bride Standing Before Staircase

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